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Piece Hostel Kyoto


~Piece Hostel Kyoto~
Take a tour of Piece Hostel Kyoto through this video!

Piece Hostel Kyoto is a new trend boutique hostel, located in Kyoto and the nearest hostel from Kyoto Station- the city’s main railway station.
PIECE is built for Active Travelers to meet people from around the world and experience Kyoto beyond surface, at an affordable price.
If this is your traveling style, let us be a PIECE of your journey.

The video was actually taken by one of our guest: Mr. Josh Kaufman who stayed at Piece Hostel Kyoto. Thank you very much for your great work for Piece Hostel!

Mr. Josh kaufman
Video produced by Director's Cut


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ピースホステルは、新しいスタイルを取り入れたデザイナーズ ホステルです。日本有数のターミナル駅である京都駅から僅か徒歩2分。


Mr. Josh kaufman
Video produced by Director's Cut



--Kyoto, >>Accommodation

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