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5 things you need to do in Hokkaido!


Please like & subscribe 🙂 A summary of my trip to Hokkaido and the 5 things I recommend you do if you ever visit 🙂 I know Hokkaido offers a lot more, but these are some of the things that left an impression on me during my trip!

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・Sapporo Snow Festival

・Lamb BBQ

・Soft serve & Noboribetsu (natural foot bath)

・And more!


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The information in this video is based on my own discoveries, thoughts, findings and research. Especially regarding historical information, there are variations depending on region and numerous theories and explanations that have evolved over the years. My channel is just one possible source of information on Japan you can refer to, not an encyclopedia 🙂

--Best time to visit Japan, >>Recommended, -Best Itinerary, -Food & Drink, -Onsen, -Hokkaido, -Festivals
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