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Osaka vs Hiroshima Okonomiyaki | Which one is better? ★ ONLY in JAPAN


Okonomiyaki is considered the soul food of both Osaka and Hiroshima, and both styles are must-try dishes in Japan ー but how are they different?
Let’s go to Hiroshima and Osaka to learn from local chefs and see what’s inside those savory pancakes. What exactly are the ingredients? Which okonomiyaki do we recommend?

Nicknamed “Japanese Pizza” or “Japanese Savory Pancake” Okonomiyaki is a fun dish served all over the country on teppanyaki tables but no where is there a passion for it than in Hiroshima and Osaka.

Hiroshima vs Osaka!
Osaka vs Hiroshima!

In this episode, Kevin Riley and John Daub battle it out discussing why they like each one. Kevin is a long term resident of Osaka for over 20 years. John lived in Hiroshima twice, a regular customer at the city's Okonomimura (Okonomiyaki Town).

▶︎ Kevin Riley on YouTube

▶︎ See the original Hiroshima Okonomiyaki cooking video (long version) I made at Okonomimura here:

Restaurant in Osaka:
▶︎ Chiyo Okonomiyaki
お好み焼き 千代 本店

All subtitles in the series is community contributed. (Thank you!) if you’d like to help, you’ll be given credit for your work and listed as a collaborator to this episode.

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