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JAPAN SKI: Tsugaike Kogen 4 Beginner 栂池高原 初級者


Japan Ski Resort: Tsugaike Kogen Nagano, Japan for Beginner
日本スキー場:栂池高原  初級者

This is one of big mountain resorts in Hakuba Valley (1998 Winter Olympics venue) for beginners with many wide beginner courses, and few short intermediate courses for progression. The left side of the mountain will be the recommended location to stay as it is the most convenient to beginner courses. Since the gondola is near the middle, it will be accessible either by ~3 minute walk or by transversing from Maruyama No.2 Quad lift.

这是白马谷(1998年冬季奥运场馆)的大型山地度假胜地之一,为初学者提供了许多初级课程,还有一些中级课程用于升级。山的左侧将是推荐的位置,因为它是最 方便初学者课程,由于缆车靠近中间,因此可通过步行约3分钟或从Maruyama No.2 Quad缆车横穿即可到达。

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