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[HD]Mt.Fuji Lawn Cherry Blossom 富士芝桜まつり 世界遺産に登録の富士山(Fuji World Heritage)花の名所 花見頃


花の名所案内ホームページ http://www.hanazakura.jp

The Mt.Fuji "Shibazakura" (lawn cherry blossom) Flower Festival will be held at the resort town of Motosuko lake.
literally lawn cherry blossom, is a small plant with pink flowers.
view the brilliant radiance of over 800,000 decorative flowers planted with the motif of Mt.Fuji and spring , and will be spreading out a brilliant colorful carpet .
The contrast of the vivid hues of nature will be a world of color from spring to early summer.
Also, enjoy many festival food and drink areas and special events.

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