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Sakura Mochi (Cherry blossom color Mochi with red bean paste inside) | Japanese veggie recipe


Sakura Mochi

■Ingredients (4 servings)
50g Domyoji *Glutinous rice powder
70g Water
15g Sugar
1/4 tsp Red food coloring
80g Red bean paste
4 sheets Salted sakura leaves


1. Mix Domyoji, Sugar, Red food coloring in a bowl. Add water and soak them for about an hour.

2. Lightly wash the sakura leaves to freshen. Then, place them on the kitchen paper.

3. Make 4 balls of red bean paste. Move to the fridge.

4. Pour water (about 1/4 high of the deep pot) in the pot and bring to a boil.

5. Place the wet cloth in the steamer. Then, put Domyoji separately in 4 places.

6. Set the steamer on the pot and steam Domyoji for 15 minutes.

7. Wrap each Domyoji with red bean paste inside. Cover each Mochi with sakura leaves.

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