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Cherry blossoms around Sasayama castle ruins in Japan


800 Cherry Blossoms In Bloom At The Tamba Sasayama Cherry Blossom Festival

The Tamba Sasayama Cherry Blossom Festival is held during the second weekend of April, when the cherry blossoms decorate the castle town with Sasayama Castle at its center, at Sasayama Castle Sannomaru Square.

A pleasure of Tamba Sasayama is matching your spirit with the approximately 800 cheerful Yoshino cherry blossoms. Indulge in food before flowers! From menus that use special products such as hanami (flower viewing) lunch boxes, Sasayama beef and wild boar meat from well-known Sasayama stores, local sake, tea ceremonies where you can appreciate Tamba Sasayama tea, to sweets such as sakuramochi (bean paste rice cakes wrapped in a preserved cherry leaf) from well-established Japanese and Western confectionaries.

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