--Cherry Blossoms --Spring -Tohoku Region

桜吹雪の鶴ヶ城のお堀・福島県 Tsurugajo castle moat 日本の桜 日本櫻花


撮影:2014年4月26日 桜吹雪も見られる福島県の会津若松市にある鶴ヶ城の城内には、約 1000本のソメイヨシノが咲き誇る。特にお堀周辺には桜並木が続き、堀の水面に映る様はとても幻想的です。そんな中での桜吹雪は、まさに、最高の花見と言えそうです。

Cherry blossoms blizzard in Tsurugajo castle moat

The symbol of Aizu is Tsuruga Castle.
This famous castle was the site of numerous important historical
events in Japanese history.
In the present day, it is well known as a park with neatly
maintained places around the castle and cherry blossoms.
The approximately 1,000 cherry trees within the park offer a magnificent display of the castle.
The cherry blossom make a particularly attractive sight when it comes to spring .
The sky turns white and it really look like a blizzard of snow.
Cherry Blossom Blizzard it is incredibly beautiful to watch.

---Cherry Blossoms, --Spring, -Tohoku Region

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