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Kanazawa Castle, Ishikawa, Japan. 金沢城 Japan movie


Kanazawa Castle, Ishikawa, Japan.

Kanazawa Castle is just across the Ishikawa Bridge from Kanazawa's prime attraction, the Kenrokuen Garden. Both sites are must-sees on a visit to Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Kanazawa Castle was the seat of power of the local Maeda clan. The Maeda family were the hereditary feudal lords (daimyo) of the Kaga province (what is now the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture) from 1583. Kanazawa Castle, itself has had a difficult history.

Kanazawa Castle was begun by Maeda Toshiie (1538-1599), the man promoted to feudal lord of the area by Oda Nobunaga, and completed by his son Toshinaga.

Burnt down on a number of occasions, only the superb Ishikawa Gate and the Sanjikken Nagaya, samurai warehouse survive from the original construction of Kanazawa Castle.

As with Kumamoto Castle in western Kyushu, a 2001 reconstruction program carried out by Sumitomo Corp. has restored the huge Gojikken Nagaya storehouse and arsenal and the Hishi-yagura and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki-yagura watchtowers adjoining the storehouse to their original state.

Gojikken Nagaya means literally "the long building of fifty ken," a ken being an ancient measurement equal to about 1.8m, making the building about 90m in length.

Traditional construction methods were employed in the renovation from the original, existing building plans of Kanazawa Castle. Traditional carpenters from Kyoto were brought in to teach the local craftsmen in the old techniques.

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