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[4K]Autumn Lake Chuzenji in Nikko 日光の紅葉•中禅寺湖と華厳の滝 日本の紅葉 JAPAN


撮影:October 2015 JAPAN 日光の「いろは坂」を登りきって見える中禅寺湖は、周囲が約25キロの湖。男体山の噴火によって流出した溶岩が大谷川の渓谷をせき止めて形成したもの。湖畔にはカエデ、ウルシ、ブナなどが茂り、八丁出島の先端や寺ガ崎の薬師堂付近の紅葉が美しい。

Autumn Lake Chuzenji in Nikko National Park.

Lake Chuzenji is a scenic lake in the mountains above the town of Nikko.
Nikko and the Okunikko area around Lake Chuzenji, in particular, are known for beautiful autumn colors.
Located 125 km from Tokyo,Nikko National Park is one of Japan's most beautiful nature locales.
The lake can be enjoyed from sightseeing boats that depart from Chuzenjiko Onsen.
The almost 100 meter tall Kegon Waterfall is the most famous of Nikko's many beautiful waterfalls.

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