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Renting A Kimono in Tokyo | 着物を借りて浅草を観光巡り


Kim Dao and I rented kimono and hung out around Asakusa, in Tokyo Japan. With the massive Senso-ji shrine, Tokyo Skytree, and the iconic Kaminari-mon in the area, this is a really easy way to jump in and submerge yourself in the Japanese world. Is it a bit touristy? Yeah, of course, but for those making a short trip to Tokyo, this is an unforgettable experience that will look amazing in photographs. Make sure you bring a camera (or a charged smartphone) because you're definitely going to want to pose and take photos everywhere.

The rickshaw ride is a fun experience, even for the Japanese, and the rickshaw drivers (runners) in this area are fit, energetic, fun, and love to teach people Japanese trivia.

The Kimono Shop we visited is english friendly, close to all the Asakusa Stations, and can take reservations online. OH! And they DO have kimono for men as well, so this is an activity you can enjoy as a couple, or even as a couple single dudes as well.

Full disclosure: This video was made in collaboration with Yae's Kimono Rental Shop, but my experiences are entirely my own.

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