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Exploring Shinjuku and Golden Gai (Tokyo Vlog #5)


Don't miss Tokyo Vlog #4 at ULTRA Japan with Kygo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELcuD1uA3-w

After a big day and night at ULTRA Japan music festival, we got a super late start the next morning. We hopped the subway to wander the Shinjuku district and stumbled upon a hilarious shop filled with costumes, gadgets and gizmos.

We goofed off for far too long then made our way to Tokyo's famous Golden Gai for a cocktail. Golden Gai is EVERYTHING it's hyped up to be: quirky, cute and totally cool!

List of places we visited:
Don Quijote (Shop with Funny Stuff)
Bar Albatross: http://www.alba-s.com/


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