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【Narita International Airport#5】Go to Shinjuku by Narita Express


There are about 60 kilometers to the west from here Narita Airport to the Tokyo downtown. Do you go to the Tokyo downtown by bus or by train?

This time, we will introduce a trip to Shinjuku by Narita Express to Yokohama and Shinjuku leaving Narita Airport Terminal-1 at 14:44 via Terminal-2, Tokyo, Shibuya Station. As for this train, 4 vehicles in the front are bound for Yokohama, and 4 vehicles in the rear are bound for Shinjuku. The vehicles to Yokohama and to Shinjuku are separated at Tokyo Station. As for the fare, to Shinjuku is 3,190 yen, and to Yokohama is 4,290 yen. It was comfortable movement while looking at the rural scenery of neighborhood of airport and buildings to crowd of the Tokyo downtown.

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