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[4K]軽井沢の森と水 Karuizawa of forest and water 軽井沢観光 Travel guide 輕井澤 雲場池 万平ホテル 癒しの森 碓氷峠


撮影:JUNE 2016 軽井沢は長野県中東部、浅間山南東麓の標高約1000mの高原にあり、中山道の宿場町として発展。明治中期以来、避暑地として外国人の別荘地から発展し、今では国内では代表的な避暑地として人気が高いですが、一歩、森に入れば、滝や小川が流れ、まさに高原の自然が満喫できます。

Karuizawa surrounded by forests and water

Karuizawa is the most famous and most high-level resort in Japan.
Town is situated at the foot of Mt. Asama-yama in Nagano.
It has thrived as the most popular international summer resort in
Japan since the late 19th century because of its cool summer
climate and breezy environment with many larch and birch trees.
Karuizawa in summer offers some highland respite at an elevation
of around 1,000m from the heat of cities。

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