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Kyoto Festival: Jidai Matsuri [4K]


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Considered to be one of the top three festivals in all of Kyoto despite its status as a relatively new tradition, Heian Shrine's Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages) is held on October 22nd from noon each year.

The festival is primarily composed of a two kilometer, five hour long procession of countless volunteers dressed in historical garb representing Japanese cultural history from the Meiji era all the way back to the Enryaku era in the 780’s. Painstakingly recreated and researched, going so far as to even make and dye the fabric using the same techniques as they used a thousand years ago, the procession is akin to watching a living history museum march by. Not only do famous historical figures and princesses make appearance, but warriors, priests, politicians, merchants, and commoners are all represented. With that many characters, the Jidai Matsuri gives a very comprehensive look in to the clothing and appearance of Japanese past.

00:18 - Meiji Imperial Army Drum & Fife Corps
00:52 - Patriots of the Meiji Restoration
02:33 - Edo Period Procession of Shogunal Deputies
03:25 - Women of the Edo Period
04:38 - Toyotomi Hideyori's Procession
05:15 - Oda Nobubaga's Entry into Kyoto
06:40 - Muromachi Shogunate Procession
07:07 - Muromachi Customs & Daily Life
07:35 - Kusunoki Masashige's Entrance into Kyoto
08:12 - Ladies from the Middle Ages
09:05 - Yabusame Archers from the Kamakura Period
09:35 - Fujiwara Courtiers' Procession to Court
10:04 - Ladies from the Heian Period
11:31 - Sakanoue Tamuramoro's Victorious Return
11:59 - Procession of 8th Century Court Nobles
12:13 - Offerings to the Deities
12:30 - Portable Shrine Procession
13:40 - Shirakawa-me & a Company of Archers

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