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旭川駅 Japan Trains: Hokkaido - At Asahikawa Station


Asahikawa is 90 minutes by train from Sapporo and is the junction for lines to Abashiri, Furano and Wakkanai. It sees a variety of local & express services and some passing freight.

20 November 2015

1255 hrs: Limited Express Super Kamui 22 departs for Sapporo with 785 series set #NE1

1302 hrs: Arrival of local service with KiHa40 & KiHa54 series single car DMUs.

1311 hrs: Arrival of Limited Express Okhotsk 4 from Abashiri, with a 4 car 183 series DMU set

1313 hrs: Departure of Limited Express Okhotsk 4 from Abashiri to Sapporo.

1318 hrs: KiHa 150-4 shunts at Asahikawa station

1324 hrs: DF200-51 leads an intermodal service through Asahikawa station, as Super Kamui 15 arrives from New Chitose Airport & Sapporo with Series 789 5 car EMU set #HL1003

1328 hrs: KiHa 150-4 returns

->>Transportation, -Hokkaido

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