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Tokyo Hidden Spots | Exploring Tokyo’s Local Traditional Old Towns Yanesen(YanakaGinza,Nezu,Sendagi)


Went exploring the old Tokyo area (Yanesen) and tried the different types of Japanese street food!

Tokyo may have a very modern image to most but if you just go a little bit away from the popular tourist areas you will see a totally different side of Tokyo - a more local, quiet, tradtional side.

I love exploring and seeing this side of Tokyo because you can see and learn much more than what's on the surface.

So, if you guys come to Tokyo or live here - try escaping the crowds and get lost in the local backstreets and see what interesting stuff pops up 🙂

A lot of Japan's traditional side is lost in Tokyo because of what is shown on the media but I hope this video shows you guys a different side of what Tokyo has to offer!!

Places Visited

- Yanaka Ginza 谷中銀座

- Sendagi 千駄木

- Nezu 根津

Hope to show you guys more of these hidden spots in Japan!

Join me on my journey! ☺


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All filmed, edited and created by me ☺︎

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