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Cafe Aura, Karuizawa 軽井沢 天空カフェ・アウラ


Café Aura is also called “Tenku Café” meaning café in midair or floating in the sky. It is located in north Karuizawa, 20 minutes drive from JR Karuizawa Station.

Music: 木漏れ日/ Hirokazu Akiyama 秋山裕和

My channel, Japan Silhouette, features beautiful scenery, traditional culture, Origami arrangement, and the warm heart of the Japanese people.
I also visit other countries and record my impression about them, perhaps from a Japanese perspective.

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Japan Silhouetteでは、日本の美しい風景や美味しいもの、折り紙などの伝統文化、魅力的な建物、そして日本人の温かい心をお伝えしています。また時には、日本人の目を通して感じた海外の街の印象もお届けします。

“Japan Silhouette”のブログも合わせてご覧ください。

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